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Skilled Marine Labor

A skilled, reliable, and efficient workforce is important to every company. Shipbuilders, shipowners, marine equipment manufacturing companies and other Millmac clients know that they can count on us to provide the best marine specialty workers. Millmac provides workers - on time and on budget - anywhere in the world. Our Marine Certified Welders (LR or ABS), Marine Electricians, Marine Carpenters, Interior Renovation Specialists, Plumbers, Diesel Engine Mechanics, Engine Fitters, Dockmasters, Painters, Sand and Hydro-Blasters, Crane Operators and Machinists can excel in any environment.

When our customers entrust Millmac with their needs for skilled marine labor, they receive one stop service. Millmac takes care of all of the formalities including payroll, transportation, and job equipment. Our clients provide the task to our workers, and we take care of the rest, which is outlined below.
  • Passport and visa costs, if applicable.
  • Local transportation in host country for securing of visa or seaman's papers.
  • Medical certificates and fitness for work physicals prior to employment.
  • Welder qualifications (Lloyds Register of Shipping or ABS), if applicable.
  • Life and Disability Insurance for workers.
  • Personal Safety Equipment (hard hat, safety glasses, work boots, uniforms).
  • Personal tools of their trade.
  • Payment of wages and administration of worker employment.

The following specialties are often requested by our clients:
  • Marine Certified Welders (LR or ABS)
  • Marine Electricians
  • Marine Carpenters and Interior Renovation Specialists
  • Plumbers
  • Diesel Engine Mechanics
  • Engine Fitters
  • Dockmasters
  • Painters
  • Sand and Hydro-Blasters
  • Crane Operators
  • Machinists

Upon request, Millmac Corporation may be able to locate expert specialized labor for other marine areas in addition to those listed above.