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The Millmac Values

At Millmac, we believe that the key to building a great organization is to constantly adhere to our values. They guide our people and dictate their actions in all situations.

Personal Development

We succeed thanks to innovation, expertise and constant skill development.

Customer Focus

We center our efforts on the needs of our clients. This is how we achieve results and grow businesses.


Our work environment, with a focus on respect and cooperation for all team members, enables us to more readily achieve all of our goals.


We embrace change and employ the best technology and skill sets to our customers with an emphasis on flexibility.


We demand honest and ethical conduct. Our consistently high standards for integrity in all relationships are valued by our clients.


We attract, hire, develop and retain the world's best skillful marine workforce. We are always striving for greater diversity and expertise.

One of our most important company mottoes is Work Safe. Our workers report for the job with appropriate safety gear and are trained to take every safety precaution on any job to which they are assigned.

The Millmac Corporate Culture

We achieve our goals by creating and improving on a corporate culture that drives positive and value-creating behavior to all members of our organization. The principles on which we base our high-performance corporate culture include:

Hard Work

We work hard and we are proud of it. Our results define our high performance. We are constantly rewarded for this effort – through the success of our clients and by the recognition we receive from our managers and peers.

Hands-on Management

Our management works side-by-side with all of our teams to provide timely guidance and shared expertise in all situations.


We take accountability seriously. We encourage mutual accountability and hold responsible each individual in our organization for success or failure.


We are fully responsible for the success of our clients and the success of Millmac. We address concerns immediately and develop solutions that facilitate progress.


We know that our peers, managers and clients count on us. Our service must be reliable at any moment and under any circumstance. This is what we expect from ourselves and what we offer to our customers worldwide.